About Us

Simon Phelan established Djinn Jewellery in the late 1990's after many years fine tuning his Craft in Ireland and in India.  In 2003 he opened an Outlet/Gallery & Workshop on Dublin's Wexford Street.  Simon's work mostly uses unusual Gemstones & Precious Metals. He has moved exclusively to using recycled Gold and Silver and ethically sourced Gems. His work is concerned with ancient 'Trace Patterns' left by time and physical conditions. His Series of work "First Life" examines the detailed microscopic view of the evolving marine environment.  Protozoa, Star Corals & Diatoms are brought to full three dimensional life in metal. Simon is a member of the Crafts & Designs Council of Ireland, has exhibited Nationally and Internationally, and Designed & Made various Awards & Commissions.  For bespoke work and enquiries contact him at djinndesign@gmail.com, call the Dublin Shop:  ++ 353 1 4759919, or visit: 15A Wexford Street, Dublin 2. Ireland.